Politics has torn families and friends apart and even killed a few marriages along the way. The Upward Politics Project is a possible way to keep the peace and grow at the same time. We say possible, because everybody is different. This website doesn’t claim to be right or wrong, but does offer a unique way of looking at politics.

silhouette of a man punting the political party symbols

Good-bye Political Parties!

The Upward Politics Project doesn’t take any sides. There is now a focus to free ourselves and retain our individuality, which is being lost in the competitive nature of today’s political landscape. Call it a hunch, but we believe conforming to a side benefits others and not us.

By removing yourself from these political parties and leanings, you can really free yourself up to grow intellectually and have your anger reduced significantly. If you are on a side, you hate the other side. That’s it. It’s time to evolve.

So there are no Democrats, Republicans, Left, Right, Independents, etc. All of them are gone here. Refreshing isn’t it?


Hello Positive Political Conversation!

Through the Upward Politics Project, we have now created a paradigm shift from competive arguments to info stacking. Info stacking is a collection-intensive structure where we accept all opinions without judgment or interruption. 

We’re not going to play the game anymore. With Info Stacking, winning a political discussion is when you walk away from a conversation with more info and a relationship intact. Losing is when you walk away with no new information. That being said, I can now tell people I lose political discussions all the time and not lose face. 

Try asking somebody to detail out the last time they lost a political discussion. You’ll find a lot of undefeated people out there! Not us though, but we couldn’t give any less of a shit if we tried!

silhouette of two people drinking coffee at a table

Go Get Your Friends Back!

Oh for Pete’s sake, did you lose friends or family to politics? That was dumb, but no worries! The Upward Politics Project removes traditional views and places us all on a level playing field. Reconciliation from politics is entirely possible again when there wasn’t before. You’re also going to add more people into your life because the political barriers are removed.

Politics are splitting up friends, families, and marriages and it’s for the dumbest of reasons. Through this website and our podcasts, you’ll find out exactly why. Politics is so small compared to our friends and family and The Upward Politics Project works to help bring people back together.