If you're tired of angry political exchanges, we offer a different way.

Upward Politics is a Break From the Norm

Politics has torn families and friends apart and even killed a few marriages along the way. Upward Political is a possible way to keep the peace and grow at the same time. We say possible, because everybody is different. This website doesn’t claim to be right or wrong, but does offer a unique way of looking at politics.

Heal Relationships

Upward Political offers a non-threatening third option when it comes to mending relationships. If you feel like you have exhausted all options, give us a try!

Grow Personally

A practicing Upward Political actively gathers info. Listening without interrupting is a standard rule. You must be excited to receive viewpoints, but at the same time, have questions.

Reduce Political Tension

Find yourself in an angry political discussion? Indie Political offers outside-of-the-box approaches that can turn a heated argument into a cool discussion. 

Understand Info Sources

Examining the way we actually receive our information can shed light on why anger exists. We don’t do political topics here, but rather study how information is delivered.


There are no political topics covered in this website, because we believe that being right does not exist. The focus is on behavior and structure. Take a look at a collection of viewpoints that focuses on the most unique way of looking at political discussion. You can either start at the beginning, or you can browse our topic categories.