Upward Politics is the Best Way to Reduce Anger

Politics has torn families and friends apart and even killed a few marriages along the way. Upward Politics is a possible way to keep the peace and grow at the same time. We say possible, because everybody is different. This website doesn’t claim to be right or wrong, but does offer a unique way of looking at politics.

Political Info Stacking

Info (or opinion) stacking is accepting all viewpoints with no resistance, interruptions, or judgment. The goal is to obtain as many viewpoints you can get with no limits. People who tend to be angry about politics often times only have a few opinions at most.

If you have 5..10..20..or even 100 different ways to look at a topic, you’re going to far outpace the angry people. Afterall, you can’t be an intellectual without high intellect and that’s hard to obtain when angry.

A new approach

People who practice Upward Politics cannot accept any viewpoint as being 100% correct. They are quick to ask further questions about any opinion they receive. Because the goal is to grow their knowledge bases.

We no longer recognize political parties or leanings. Once people start identifying as either, then the process fails. That’s right folks, no Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Independents, etc. We have done away with all labels. Sound interesting?