Being Right Doesn’t Exist in Politics and the 50/50 Rule

So this podcast is about Upward Politics, a third direction that distances itself so far away from the right and left of things that we don’t recognize them entirely. We don’t recognize Democrats or Republicans, conservative, liberal, or any political label. Upward Politics is only focused on each and every individual and how politics has been feeding us problems and what we can do to provide solutions. Does that not sound a bit refreshing? Well it is, in fact, I can go into any political argument between these groups and not get angry. 

How it started

In order to do this though, it took some self-realization on my part. This will require that of an open mind. That being said, if you enjoy being angry, this isn’t for you. Some people just like fighting and the feeling of being superior. In Upward Politics, being superior doesn’t exist. In fact, the most important core value of Upward Politics is that being right in politics also doesn’t exist. 

We’ll get into why this is shortly, but I’m going to address what you’re probably thinking right now. You might not have wanted to hear this initially that there is a chance you aren’t right about politics. It’s uncomfortable upfront because of egos and such, but trust me, it’s life-changing and in an amazing way. How it came about was that I, like so many other people out there, was losing friends and there was massive tension between family members where I saw them less. Politics came up and each side thought they were right, which led to confrontations and games of one-upmanship which deteriorated our bond that we always have had. That’s when I started to research how to get out of this because these people were way too valuable in my life to lose over this. Politics is important, but friends and family are far more valuable. 

So when it came to the realization that being right in politics doesn’t exist, I was ready to jump on board this idea for the sake of mending these fences. In the end, it patched up everything and I have brought everybody back into good standing and have added new friends to my life. Because in the end, and this may sound crazy, but in the end, I want my funeral to be sold out, standing room only, with people scalping tickets outside to get in. So this is what is more important to me.

The 50/50 Rule

This didn’t come without its challenges though. Some political arguments were hard to not get into the fights. I would watch as people would arrogantly state their opinions and I wanted to jump right in there badly because I went back to the knee jerk reaction of thinking that I was right and these people were insane. The one thing that kept me from getting involved to the point of arguing, was accepting that being right doesn’t exist and this rule applies to them too! So when you look at people and just say to yourself “Don’t worry, these people are all probably wrong”, then you feel better. 

Because that’s the thing that will cushion the blow from not being right yourself is that you get to apply that to others. Now, the thing is here to apply more of a structure to this. Because if you leave it at just that, you can still fall into the same old arguments by telling people that they are just wrong. So in Upward Politics, we give every opinion and viewpoint the 50/50 rule

The 50/50 Rule states that you can only give any viewpoint up to 50% accuracy. The reason being is because you need to leave 50% for the next viewpoint. What next viewpoint you may be asking? Well, I’m glad you asked!

The math on the value of your political opinion

So there are 330 million people in this country on the books give or take. Out of that number, let’s assume because I don’t have the real numbers or know who would have them, but let’s assume that 200 million people are aware of politics on one level or another. Now, take yourself and divide you, one person into 200 million. What you get are a decimal point, eight zeros and a 5. So outside of you, there are 199,999,999 other viewpoints and opinions that aren’t yours. That’s how much your political opinion matters. The same goes for me and everybody else.

So this is why we leave 50% for the next thing, the next opinion because we know there’s more out there. The 50/50 rule doesn’t just apply to people’s opinions, it applies to news articles, books, radio shows, youtube videos, even all podcasts including this one. Really anything that provides information. And yes, I did mention this program. If we were to claim that we were right about anything, it would make us hypocrites. But we have no problem telling you that we may not be right. We are providing a viewpoint on this program and nothing more. Give us the 50/50, we expect it! In fact, we want your input into what this is, because we believe that many viewpoints can build a more solid project. So let’s build a solid project.

Don’t buy the car of the salesman’s word

You should never, under any circumstances, allow yourself to buy the car off the salesman’s word. This is just believing what you hear from any source and giving it 100% accuracy. When you buy a car, do you let the salesman sell you or do you ask about the mileage, the price, take it for a test drive? I mean really kick the tires. No, you do your research, or at least I hope you do! If you let the salesman sell the car off their word, you could be buying a nice looking car with no engine! So this is why we can only give up to 50% accuracy. Because there are still more questions that need to be asked. So kick the tires! Challenge everything even if it was traditionally something you agreed with. Kick the tires!


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