Episode 1: Being Right in Politics Doesn’t Exist

This episode will cover the beginning of an entirely new way to look at politics. Upward Politics’ basic core value is “Being Right in Politics Doesn’t Exist”. Host Ryan Worthington will go into depth as to why eliminating being right, while not sounding appetizing at first, will start to change political thinking entirely.

We Throw Out Traditional Politics

There will be no mention of the traditional politics of today. Left, right, Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, and other labels are not recognized at all. This program will not mention people in government or any current events. Upward Political will only focus on the behaviors and thought processes that can be fixed to help us evolve into less angry and more intelligent people going forward.

Use of the 50/50 Rule

The 50/50 Rule of viewpoints will be introduced as a fundamental tool to be used when facing others with strong political views. It is extremely effective in reducing the anger that traditionally plagues confrontational arguments. The 50/50 Rule helps us realize that there are far more viewpoints and opinions that go into politics than just one.

Anger equals Ignorance

For people that are angry, whatever their anger level is, is matched with a level of ignorance somewhere. A political topic is broken down into sub-categories and most people only focus on a few. We truly cannot be considered intellectuals in politics with anger. If we are angry, our ability to understand the whole argument is blocked with hatred.


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