People’s Standing in Life Doesn’t Make Them Right

Another thing I wanted to touch on is how people equate their standing to their politics. People who are high-earners and very good at their profession will give the appearance that they are superior. These people are only superior in whatever the hell they do. If someone is a lawyer, a business professional, a doctor, a professor, etc. Just know that while they are knowledgeable, it doesn’t make them right. Chances are they have let their egos take them down the path of a superiority complex that extends out past their profession and they are probably wrong about everything. Treat them as you would anybody else. Drop that 50/50 on them. Drop it all day long on everybody. 

It’s great that you’re successful though!

Congratulate them on their success, but let them know that there’s more out there to gather and you can’t take them at their word. Their egos may take a hit, so expect some people to just get angry. Again, just tell them you practice Upward Politics and just can’t believe the same thing they do because they are but a fraction of the information that is available out there. If they get angry and start demeaning what this is, just know that they are angry because they don’t know this new thing you just mentioned. People like this want to think they know everything. Trust me, they don’t!


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