Political and Angry? What’s in it For You?

The reason this project was started is because of the trajectory we see the nation headed in. We cannot rule out that there is a design behind all of this and it’s headed up by people who don’t care what we do to each other.

The value just isn’t there today

There is no value to us being angry. The stress is killing us. Ask any doctor, stress isn’t healthy. You show me a doctor that says otherwise, I’ll show you a guy running his practice out of a van.

Some people have dropped friends like a hot potato just because of the difference of political opinion. Family dinners in some households are just not the same. It’s pretty sad. I had to stop a potential argument in its tracks the other day on a virtual family reunion. I blunted the momentum by asking anybody if they knew a black market barber who could cut my hair during this Coronavirus lockdown. I told them I was starting to look like a Q-tip. It made everybody laugh. I’m like, top 10 in the nation on political argument defusing.

The value is for others

Down a long enough timeline all these political views are concocted by people who sit behind a desk somewhere in a tall building in the city at night. “Let’s make people believe something and let everybody get angry about it” they say to themselves or a small group of yes men. That person cackles loudly and pets a cat.

Bit of an exaggeration here, but I would imagine not by much. There is value that other people get from us treating each other like shit. Whether it be power, influence, relevance, money, revenge, etc., they get more than we do. Can’t say it’s very fair at all, but that’s the deal.

Hence the project

This is why we do what we do. We’re the renegades that aren’t going to just let the exterior influencers out there have a say in our political views. When I’m 95 (provided I get there, because I’m heading to a heart attack at 67 under my present diet), I don’t want to look back at the friends I lost or could have had because other people are running the show.

There is nothing in it for me or others. So why not just hear everybody out and realize that every person has just one unique way of looking at each topic. Take their opinion, info-stack it, and just assume they are probably wrong anyway. After all, if you know this website, you know that being right doesn’t exist in politics.


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