Political Arguments – Everybody is Wrong

Is it possible to go into a political debate and not subject yourself to anger and tension? Traditionally, people would probably scoff at the idea of this being possible, but it very much is. Actually, it’s pretty easy. You just have to go into each political discussion knowing that being right in politics doesn’t exist and never has. That’s it!

This part is difficult, but hang in there!

Now, this is something that is much easier said than done. First, we all have to accept that we are included in this idea. That we may not be right in politics. This is very hard to do for a lot of people, in fact, I probably lost a few people right now. People’s egos and stubbornness will get in the way and is the biggest reason they abandon The Upward Politics Project. However, I ask of your patience as I explain.

Being right doesn’t exist because there is too much information that each one of us doesn’t have. In fact, what we don’t know is vast compared to what we do. There are so many different ways to approach each topic, the odds of anybody being right are the same as winning the lottery.

Feel better about the math

So when approached with a political topic, we just assume the person talking is wrong. We are not going to get angry over what one person says. They are just one person! One! Do you know how many people there are in this country? Roughly 330 Million. Maybe (just guessing here) 200 million people are political. Let’s do the math..

1/200,000,000 = 0.000000005

Are you going to make 0.0000000005 of this population make you that angry? Look at that number! That is the mathematical weight of each person’s political opinion. So tell me, how are they right about anything?

No harm in listening

We just hear people out. Why not just saturate their viewpoint? It really doesn’t hurt at all. We take their viewpoint and apply a 50/50 treatment. This treatment gives only up to 50% accuracy to the opinion and reserves the other 50% for the next opinion we’ll hear from a different source.

At The Upward Politics Project, we always listen without interruption, because doing so is for the weak, scared, and closed-minded. Nobody learns anything when this happens. Often times, once the opinion is finished, we’ll go “That’s definitely one way of looking at that, got another one on the same topic?

We do this, because we are info-stackers and not side-takers. Our energy is dedicated to gathering information and not competing with people. This turns the argument into a discussion. If we walk from a discussion with more information than we had originally and keep anger out, we win.


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