Using labels to group, disparage, and judge others is a reflection of poor understanding of people. There’s no interest in what the person believes as long as there is a label attached to them. Indie Politicals do not engage in this intellectually lazy practice.

Any Idiot Can Use a Label

It’s so easy to call somebody a name isn’t it? There’s hardly any effort to go and know an individual and collect their views on certain topics. Instead, people just dismiss others by attaching an insult or a name. This is exactly why children do this to each other, its easy!

If you’re interested in being Indie Political, you must learn to stop using these. You must focus on getting details and searching for more. Instead of using labels, use descriptions. 

Know the Definitions

You would be amazed at how many labels people are throwing at each other and not knowing the actual definitions. If you can, get your hands on a dictionary in book form to look them up. It must be print, because you can change the words on a computer screen very quickly and easily. Once a book is printed, it’s set. 

There’s just something about going back to basics and researching the actual definition to reset the goalposts. If you can, try to commit the meaning of the label to memory. Use it as a benchmark when you hear other people using it. Watch how incorrect some people are, it’s quite entertaining.

Indie Political Doesn't Even Recognize Political Party Names

Identifying with a political party or a group isn’t something you have to do. In fact, who says you really need to? Choosing a party is committing to a side. Even moderates and independents are subject to a side in arguments. 

Right wing and left wing are also labels because they are sides. Sides will make you want to win discussions instead of learning from them. They are also a source of anger and who really needs that?