Changing Politics Forever

The Most Politically Neutral Approach

We will not be mentioning any politicians or political topics here. Rather, our content is solely focused on changing the structure of political thought. We will focus on curbing frustration, so that we can possibly help others achieve a peaceful existence while being involved in politics. Perhaps this can help to mend fractured relationships and begin new ones. Either way, this is a very neutral approach that has the ability to take some of that stress away. Enjoy!

The Basic Principles

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There is No Value in Anger

What value do you get by being angry in politics? How can you benefit personally as a result? What do we get out of it? There is no real good reason to be angry or look down at others. This tension tends to result in fractured relationships and stress, which isn’t healthy. Maybe politics has actually taken years off of our lives. Who knows?

It is Other People Who Benefit

There is a group of people out there that does benefit from our anger, frustration, and hatred. But it is a small group and filled with people who really don’t care what they do to us. Here is what they get:

Power – Political parties, politicians, and the people who profit from them. They need your vote, so those in power will do what they need to do to ensure you remain on their side. They use your anger to solidify your vote.

Influence – People who want to sway others into thinking the same thing they do. They don’t take kindly to those who do not join them and love it when people agree with them and get angry as well.

Relevance – People will do what it takes to achieve fame. Entering the realm of politics is one way to achieve this. They don’t care who they make angry on the way up. 

Revenge – People get affected by an event or a policy and personally want to project their hatred on others. These people want you angry with them. 

Money – Who cares if people get angry, just as long as you grab the dollars right? The biggest benefactors are financially desperate media industries which function primarily off of high traffic. Their stories fan the flames of hatred and make you angry as a result. Some people are well connected and fund raise. These are just a few examples, but the bottom line is that they get money, we don’t.

Strategy – There is a very big incentive to have us tear each other apart through anger. A divided nation cannot stand and with our current trajectory, our nation’s enemies could be successful in weakening us from within. 

So, other people get all of this and we get nothing of importance. Doesn’t sound fair does it?

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Being Right Doesn’t Exist

The cancer of politics is when people think that they are right. This cancer eats right into our intelligence. Nobody ever proactively learns more when they think the information they have is already correct. People will not entertain other viewpoints that fall outside of their own. This leads to a subconscious “good vs. evil” complex. When other people try to get their points across, an argument ensues.

We know that being right in politics doesn’t exist. A big reason why is that there are too many moving parts and values from one individual to another. There are also books and articles we have never read, radio shows we don’t listen to, TV programs we never see, and people we never talk to. The amount of information we don’t have far outweighs what we do.

By eliminating thinking that we are right, we can apply this to other people. When you start off any political conversation thinking that other people are already wrong, it’s easier to stave off anger.

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We Do Not Rent Our Viewpoints

People rent viewpoints if the origin of the opinion is not theirs. If somebody says something they heard from another source, it’s a rental. Since it’s a rental, they have to pay rent. Here’s how they pay:

  1. They must believe the viewpoint or opinion
  2. They must defend it
  3. They must pass it along

If they do any of these three, they get to use it. If you think about it, rentals kind of run like Amway, where it’s a pyramid type model of information that is disseminated down through various chains from the original source.

We Own Them

Owning political views and opinions is stockpiling all the viewpoints that we can gather with no limits on the amount. The Upward Politics Project engages in a method of “info stacking” which is just listening to every point of view without interruption or disparaging others. We just saturate the opinions and ask questions about them if need be to further our knowledge of that particular topic. Then we apply something called the 50/50 treatment to that topic and then move onto the next one. 

The more we get, the stronger our views are. Our beliefs change as the information comes in. We’re happy with 10, 20, or even 100 different ways of looking at one topic or category in politics. Renters are often angry as they pay rent to their one or maybe two ways of looking at their topics.

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We Only Use One Label

The Upward Politics Project does not recognize political parties, leanings, or name-calling. We understand that it is intellectually lazy to do so. The real value is to understand the individual and what they have to offer. This is all for the sake of info stacking. We want more information and labels are a way for people to project a reason to hate somebody before this process even starts. Therefore, the only label we can recognize is a person’s name. It is by far the most powerful label in this world.

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Build your Vision Statement

Since The Upward Politics Project doesn’t recognize political parties, we had to replace it with a written vision. The vision statement that we use is a forward-thinking plan that is updated every year.

In this vision statement, we section off what we want for ourselves, our friends and family, and the nation. We plan this out for every 5, 10, and 20 years in the future. We also note what our ages will be at each milestone. This statement is updated at least yearly, because we practice info stacking and new information comes in all the time.

This removes loyalty from political parties and redirects it to our own visions and values. Political parties are basically choosing a team to be on, but that also creates competition which creates that familiar path to anger.