The Truth in Social Media Political Posting

There are a lot of people out there who can’t help but post political content on their social media feeds. While people think they are justified in posting something that is a political statement, other things are happening at the same time.

It’s a rental

That’s right, if people believe it and pass it on, it meets two of three of the criteria of a rental viewpoint. Chances are, the third criteria will be met in the comments. Down a long enough timeline somebody produced the content and has the self-satisfaction of being the originator of something that is spreading like a virus across social media platforms. The originator’s goal here is to make others believe it. These people typically are very arrogant and do not care about the rest of us getting angry at each other.

Political posts remind people to get angry

When sharing a political post, people are basically saying “I want everybody I know to get angry and/or fight for my amusement. For the people that agree with them, they are reminded why they are angry. For the people who don’t, same thing. It’s a selfish act, but what’s more is the value people get. What value would you get for wanting to do that to other people? How do you benefit personally? Remember, the value of being angry belongs to other people and not you.

If the people who made the political content saw what you posted, they would feel great you did their bidding. If they met you, they would pat you on the head, rub your belly, and give you a cookie. Thanks for passing along my info! Then they would secretly think of you as a pawn in their little game.

The post is probably made up

It’s amazing what people pass along. A lot of it just goes unchecked. When friends post political, I research it. You would not believe how many posts didn’t hold up. This is just a rough guess, but around 70% of political postings from my network came up with zero accuracy when pitted against a 4-5 source check.

It’s difficult to not be labeled

In The Upward Politics Project, we only recognize one label and that is the name of people. We do this because we won’t let ourselves see people as belonging to a political party, group, or any other label. The focus is on the individual and the information and values that they have. You address them by their name and not the label, then you can gather information with no reason to hate them up front.

However, it becomes very hard to not label somebody as part of a group if they keep posting political content. Not many people post from one side, then switch over to post on the other. It’s all one-sided and pigeonholes them into an identity.

So these are the reasons practitioners of The Upward Politics Project do not do any political posting whatsoever. We just can’t sling one post into social media platforms for others to see. The anger and battles in the comment reply sections contradict the mission.


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