There is Only One Real Label

All of these labels have to originate from somewhere, don’t they? Think about it, down a long enough timeline there was an epicenter where each label started. Maybe it was a small group, maybe it came from just one person. And one way of looking at this is that the people who made these are so smug and happy that they were the label makers. They probably laugh every night because they made people believe in a certain label or a certain thing. (snobbish voice)“Look at what I made them believe! Holy smokes, it was so easy! We came up with it and now people just believe it!”

I can visualize these people either by themselves or in a group drinking a glass of fine wine as they look out a window laughing at the world. I guarantee these people think that they are superior and the rest of us are just walking stacks of meat with eyes who repeat everything like a trained parrot. This is why I refuse to use labels because again, I want to blaze my own trail, carve my own path. I am subservient to nobody and that’s how I will always choose to live my life. I embrace my individuality and the ability to think as I wish and to challenge the things that need to be challenged.

The only label you will ever need

So speaking of individuality, I mentioned earlier that Upward Politics doesn’t recognize any labels except for one. And that label is your name and everybody else’s name. That’s it. There are 330 million people in this country and just as many labels. People’s names are by far the most powerful label and it’s not even close. This resets how we look at people entirely. If you front-load the name of somebody, then you get to know them on their name and who they are. If you front-load a label, you are distracted from discovering more about that person. Something is thrown in your way and you coral yourself to the perception of the label first, then the person second, if you even get to that point.

Many people can hate the label first and give no time to get to know somebody’s opinion which could be very valuable. With Upward Politics, we value getting as many angles to look at something differently. We collect as many of these viewpoints and opinions as we can get our hands-on. So we will never shortchange ourselves by adhering to the bluntness of a label. We are simply too busy building our knowledge bases.

A blind reason to hate

For example, if somebody says that a person has a political party affiliation and you’re on the opposite side, you’re going to have a reason to hate that person upfront and immediately disparage who they are right off the bat. They could have a treasure trove of excellent insight and opinions that you could add to your knowledge base. And again, being right doesn’t exist in politics, so what’s the harm here by absorbing these opinions rather than fighting them?

You’re going to give them the 50/50 Rule (mentioned on the last podcast, which is giving any viewpoint you ever hear or read only up to 50% accuracy, because you have to save the other 50% for the next opinion you’re going to get).


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