We Are Political Info-Stackers

As practitioners of The Upward Politics Project, we are info-stackers and not side-takers. We hold the realization that, in each individual, is a whole new way of looking at just one topic. We extract from them and collect rather than compete, attack, and defend.

We never stop learning

We gather info and opinions, then we move on to the next source. Whether that be TV, radio, book, online article, or other people. Each point of view we receive automatically gets something called the 50/50 Treatment.

The 50/50 Treatment is accepting a point of view at only up to 50% accuracy while reserving the other 50% for the next opinion we will get on the same topic.

Structurally, the more we gather, the more we build a core that is unique to us. The more information, the stronger the core. If we get 20 points of view, then we have 20 things to pick from. We see how others think and what it is they believe, but do not rest on one opinion. We want infinite ways of looking at a topic in order to build a constantly stronger core around it.

We’re not side-takers

Taking a side, like identifying with a political party or a leaning, is a practice which short-changes the individual. Arguing will ensue because there is natural competition that comes with taking sides. The intellectual capacity can only be limited to 50% because the individual identifies themselves as being on the correct side. They will hate the other side of the political spectrum where there is more information to still collect. This is information that will hardly be sought after. A side-taker will forever be doomed to only know half of things in politics and, as a result, will be always angry.

Happy with many, angry with few

Info stackers don’t have anger because we channel our focus elsewhere. We don’t argue or preach our beliefs because they are, and always will be, an ongoing effort.

People with few opinions are the angriest. They don’t know to info-stack, nor do they even want to. What they have, in their minds, is the right way to think. They have short-changed themselves intellectually, but don’t care. They shut down listening to other opinions long ago. They cannot be convinced otherwise and are perfectly happy being angry and combative.

At The Upward Politics Project, we know these people exist and don’t even try to reason with them. We know info-stacking is not for everybody. Some people actually like being angry with one or maybe two opinions. For us, we’re as happy as can be with many and counting.


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