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There will be no mention of political topics or people in government here. We are structural in nature and just focus on the approach of info-stacking and not side-taking. Our methods have been built for those who are engaged in politics, but do not want the anger. We welcome you to explore the website and join the project. It’s up to you. Good luck!

Keep Friends and Family

We are a non-binary outlook in politics. Therefore, there is no threatening side to take. It’s going back to just being friends and family again. You can also recover people lost to traditional political arguments of the past.

Take Ownership of Politics

We conduct our politics through a process called “info-stacking“. This is just absorbing viewpoints without argument. The result is us owning several opinions all over the political spectrum to build a personal core that is unlike anybody else’s.

Get Happiness Back

There really is no value for us to be this angry. Can you think of anything you personally get out of it? The value is for the people out there who get influence, power, relevance, money, etc. Take your politics back and live with less anger.

This All Starts Here

If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of what this all entails, we invite you to take a look. If not, it won’t hurt our feelings. We are not a political party that needs your vote, we are not a group who needs to influence you, we are not here to make money off of you. We are only a different way of looking at politics, that’s it.

Latest Articles

How to Really Win Political Arguments

Run a search on how to win political arguments and you will come up with different tactics. Most assume people have taken sides and try their best to help the reader best their opponent. Some list some good ideas like listening without interruption, empathize with people’s values, appeal to hearts and minds, etc. However, not…

Saturated Internet is the Why of Our Division

Once the internet was introduced in the mid 90’s, we still read a fair amount of newspapers nationwide. Internet was expensive upfront as is any new innovative product is in the introduction phase. I think we all remember the AOL CDs that accumulated in our mailboxes. My whole collection eventually filled up my bedroom wall…

Print First and Internet Second in Politics

The Upward Politics Project spends time researching while other people just get angry. When we do our research, we adhere to a fundamental rule where we don’t recognize the internet as anything of authority and often refer to print publications. Because of the motivations of people, we remain overly suspicious of online content. Print is…

The Podcast

Episode 3 – The Value of Political Anger and Information

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the cause of political anger from a structural level. We put into perspective the value of this anger so that listeners can have a good idea of how to harness it. Looking at the anger from a different light altogether will hopefully reduce it and replace…

The Upward Politics Project Episode 2

Do Arguments in Politics Entirely Different This episode will provide insight into how to handle a political argument. Taking stock of what an argument is and understanding the structure and statistics of the argument are is key in reducing the tension. The take away here is to hopefully be able to approach arguments now without…

The Upward Politics Project – Episode 1

Finally! An Entirely Different Way of Looking at Politics In this episode, we discuss the basics of The Upward Politics Project and it’s beginning. The anger level in American politics is boiling over and there is a dire need to change the structure. The stated purpose of this podcast is to help people who are…

Send in Your Questions!

This podcast will need your input. If you haven’t already, take a look at our basic principles to get an idea of what the show is about. Have you been affected by politics negatively and have questions, or want to share a story? Let us know!

The Best Way to Political Peace

We are political junkies just like a lot of people out there. But what makes us different is that we have found a way to do it and not be angry about it. We now live peacefully and, if interested, you can too.

This website will not be mentioning any politicians, political parties, topics, or leanings. In fact, we are probably the most neutral political website available. We won’t even claim to be right in politics and you will see why as you explore this website.

This is a structural look at political behaviors and sequences designed to push past rage. You will find that we do offer a way forward to mend fractured relationships, reduce the stress, and become exponentially wiser in politics. Interested? If so, we hope to hear from you, because this is a project and many minds contributing will make stronger results.

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